Lisa, Kosmetiktasche Lisa, Kosmetiktasche
Lisa, Zipper Pouch
from €28.00
Luzi, Kosmetiktasche Luzi, Kosmetiktasche
Luzi, Zipper Pouch
from €28.00
Mandy, Kosmetiktasche Mandy, Kosmetiktasche
Mandy, Zipper Pouch
from €26.00
Thea, Kosmetiktasche Thea, Kosmetiktasche
Thea, Zipper Pouch
from €26.00
Lydia, Kosmetiktasche Lydia, Kosmetiktasche
Lydia, Zipper Pouch
from €26.00
Clara, Kosmetiktasche Clara, Kosmetiktasche Sale
Clara, Zipper Pouch
from €23.00
Karolina, Kosmetiktasche Karolina, Kosmetiktasche
Karolina, Zipper Pouch
from €26.00
Kristina, Kosmetiktasche Kristina, Kosmetiktasche
Kristina, Zipper Pouch
from €26.00
Meike, Kosmetiktasche Meike, Kosmetiktasche
Meike, Zipper Pouch
from €26.00
Christoph, Kosmetiktasche Christoph, Kosmetiktasche
Christoph, Zipper Pouch
from €26.00


Like our pilow set, our bags are made by hand with two harmonizing fabrics and a color-contrasting zipper. The pouches are made to order in our Berlin studio. Just write to us if a different zipper color fits better to your dress or your purse, if you would prefer another fabric, or if your cosmetic bag needs a unique size.

We will do our best to implement your wishes and are standing by with style advice as well as many more gifts like cushions or wool blankets!


Whether you’re carrying big or small items HETTI. has you covered, each of our designs are available in three different sizes. For example, the smallest dimension (13 x 20 cm) is ideal for your mobile phone and all the vital, indispensable little items you always want to have with you.

The second size (20 x 20 cm) is a great companion for every day. Whether cosmetics and keys, bubblegum, headphones, emergency cookies, a notebook or your favorite subway reading, everything will find its place here.

And when the medium zipper pouch gets too tight, grab the biggest bag in the HETTI. assortment (23 x 25 cm). It’s ideal for your iPad, as a small diaper bag, or as a clutch for an evening out.

Due to the softness of the fabrics, the bags easily fit a range of contents. When the bag is not quite full, you can simply fold the empty fabric down, showcasing the contrasting fabric. The two fabrics we have selected, contrast in their touch and look, and are finished with a decorative zipper. When clutched in hand or tucked under the arm, they are the perfect accessory for every day.


In addition to the bag of your choice you can add our gift wrap option in the shopping cart, write a greeting to the recipient in the checkout box (make sure the delivery address is correct) and we will send the bag as a gift within three work days, wrapped together with your sweet words. Order the most stylish of gifts now!