Hello, I'm Larissa, my friends call me Lari. I actually studied art history and love playing with colors and shapes. But much better than art, which is always the case I have to keep my distance in awe, I like design that not only looks good but is also useful and makes life not only prettier but also more comfortable.

I have been living in Berlin Neukölln since 2013, right around the corner from my small shop on Reuterstrasse. I love the neighborhood, the nice shops and neighbors, the short commute to work and the many beautiful cafés near me. I don't like sports, I celebrate pleasure and idleness, I like to dance to techno, I collect carafes, vases and beautiful knick-knacks, I love Italy and my friends. I adore the sun and cappuccino and am constantly looking for visual input, color inspiration and sensory experiences.

Larissa Reuter, designer of beautiful handmade sofa cushions, Neukölln, Berlin, HETTI.

In 2015, my friends gave me the best gift: a sewing course... Through them and my funny grandma Hetti, I discovered this beautiful craft and, together with my passion for colors, fabrics and interior design, turned it into my job, which I love above all else love.

I think it's great to be my own boss, to be able to go to the café whenever I want and to surround myself with beautiful fabrics and bright colors all day long.

Cushion manufacturer HETTI., sofa cushions made to order with desired dimensions and colors, sewn by Larissa

I am a very tactile and visual person and as much as I enjoy sitting immersed in my studio at the sewing machine, combining fabrics and working with my hands, what I like most is the contact with my customers. The selection of colors and fabrics for a home is as individual as the person who lives with them and it gives me the greatest pleasure to work with my customers to find the wishes and needs that the cushions fulfill in their home should. Because I believe with all my heart in the power that the right interplay of colors and feel can have for an interior and its inhabitants.

If you now feel like getting to know me and my work or simply really need some beautiful, cuddly pillows, then come and visit me at Reuterstraße 62 in Berlin's most colorful district, Neukölln.

Larissa Reuter in front of her pillow shop in Berlin Neukölln, Reuterstraße 62, shop for handmade, high-quality sofa cushions

August 21, 2023 — Larissa Reuter