RØROS TWEED - Warm blankets from Norwegian lambswool

The extra stylish lambswool blankets from the Norwegian label Røros Tweed are made from locally produced high-quality wool in the Norwegian mountain village of Røros. They work closely together with leading designers and Scandinavian textile designers, whose patterns, textures and color scales are a perfect haptical as well as stylistical fit to HETTI. designs. In tradition of classical craftsmanship and social responsibility, Røros-Plaids are a Norwegian product of highest quality. They have been awarded multiple times with the Norwegian Design Council's "Prize for Outstanding Design".

D&T Design - Minimalistic blankets made of sheep's wool

The Hamburg company D&T Design produces high quality blankets from wool in their own classic unobtrusive designs. They harmonize with the minimalistic form and color tones of our cushions. The warm earthy tones of the wool blankets that we have selected will blend in harmoniously and subtly with your home. Their natural color spectrum will match the majority of sofa designs. Together with our cushions and hot water bottles, they will turn your home into an oasis of style and comfort.