HETTI. Outdoor cushions and picnic blankets make summer even more beautiful

Cuddly cushions and textile home accessories not only go well with the cold season, we also want it to be soft and comfortable in summer. After all, there is nothing better than arranging a picnic in the park, or spending relaxing evenings with friends in the garden or on the terrace. A good reason for us, a special HETTI. line to design for summer!


The challenge: the perfect outdoor material

But garden furniture and grass place different demands on materials than sofas, armchairs and beds. Materials are stressed differently by wood or grass, moisture and dirt. Since we only use natural fabrics, we found what we were looking for in two well-known fabrics and one that was new to us - hemp and linen, as well as dense cotton canvas are more durable than other fabrics and are therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use. Hemp fabrics in particular have a naturally slightly water- and dirt-repellent property and are particularly robust and abrasion-resistant due to their dense weave and coarse surface structure. Now we are happy to present you the result of our HETTI. Introducing the Summer Edition - the outdoor cushions and picnic blankets.


Meet: The picnickers - Édouard and Pablo

After finding the right material, we got to work and designed the perfect outdoor blanket. Behind every HETTI. Home accessories have a history and the names of our creations are part of it. For the picnic blankets, nothing seemed more obvious to us than to quote two masters who interpreted the theme in different variations: Édouard Manet's work "Breakfast in the Green" from 1863 is probably the most famous picnic in art history and was the occasion for numerous satirical works between 1961 and 1962 by Pablo Picasso. Our color choice fell on turquoise-blue and burgundy and is a homage to the sea and the sunsets in the south! The picnic blankets consist of two layers of different linen. The upper linen (GOTS certified organic linen) has a graphic pattern reminiscent of feathers, the underside is a thicker beige-sand colored linen. So we and our clothes are ideally protected from moisture and dirt, the effect is pleasantly cool. The soft material makes the HETTI. Blanket also the ideal baby blanket. The dimensions are 145 x 145 cm.

Edouard - 100% linen picnic blanket Pablo - 100% linen picnic blanket

The painters and their muses - outdoor cushions as visual oases of calm

With their natural color scale from water blue to algae green, the outdoor cushions are a small ray of hope for everyone who still has to wait a bit for their summer vacation. With names like Suzanne and Fernande, the cushions are small tributes to the wives and muses in the lives of the artists Pablo Picasso and Édouard Manet. The HETTI.-typical zip fasteners made of brass or contrasting colors like here in rosé or light green set dazzling accents. With this edition we bring the colors of the sea and the beach into your garden. If something does go wrong, dry and professional cleaning is recommended, also because the light layer of fat from hemp and linen, which is responsible for the water and dirt-repellent function, among other things, will otherwise be washed out. You can also impregnate the cushions with standard impregnation spray for natural fibers or wax spray to protect them from dirt and moisture. Nevertheless, the following applies to our new favorites - even if they are made for outdoors - you should bring them inside when it rains to avoid mold and mold stains.

And if you like it particularly comfortable or have a spacious terrace, you will find some of our outdoor or floor cushions in the large size of 70x70cm.

Outdoor cushions from HETTI. made of linen and hemp

In autumn we simply take the new cushions in with us - because they look just as good on the floor at home as floor and seat cushions. They are the perfect play companion for children and are fun to play with. The brown-beige colored raw linen easily forgives small mishaps: Stains remain virtually undiscovered.

But before that: Enjoy the summer!

June 27, 2017 — Kristina Hellhake