There is always a certain magic inherent in the beginning of a new year, a new energy and the feeling of being able to fulfill all your dreams, wishes and projects. If not now, when can we tackle everything we set out to do?

In the time "between the years" HETTI. Founder Larissa lets the old year review pass and thinks about what will be important for her personally and for the label in 2018 and what she might want to do differently than before. She summarizes her thoughts for a good start in 2018 for you here - maybe you will find some inspiration for your own projects.

In the new year I would like to give myself more time for leisure and free ideas and thoughts. As much as I love my work with HETTI. and love creating home textiles, I would like to try to use my working hours more efficiently. This includes not letting working days get too long and defining the boundaries between work and my free time more clearly. Ultimately, my creativity also benefits when I give myself more room for inspiration: Exhibitions, visiting nice cafés and trips into nature are at the top of my list.

Visiting Berlin cafés, visions HETTI. 2018Excursions into nature, Brandenburg, visions HETTI. 2018


Many of my friends have a new family and I've often been asked if I could sew nursing pillows and baby blankets from the same fabrics I use to make my pillows and picnic blankets. So it's time to experiment with cuts and matching designs for these products and see how I mean HETTI. collection can be expanded. If the products prove themselves in the endurance test by my friends and their babies, I will add them to the range. Another long-cherished dream I'm researching right now: I would love to make pillows out of leather! I'm going to experiment with that this spring.

I love our shop and studio and really enjoy working there. Fresh flowers in all rooms give me a lot of joy and in the new year I would like to treat myself to beautiful fresh flowers for my workplace even more often than before. I'm already looking forward to the spring sun and my little coffee breaks on the bench in front of our shop. Incidentally, we have a first-class coffee machine in the HETTI. Store - feel free to stop by for a cup!

Picnic blanket made from 100% GOTS-certified linen, Pablo by HETTI. HETTI. Shop for cushions and home accessories in Berlin


In 2018 I would like to strengthen collaborations with other designers - I am looking for a suitable weaving mill where the jointly designed patterns can be woven into high-quality wool or linen fabrics. That's why factory visits and inspirational trips are on my list. I would also like to expand my repertoire of sustainably produced organic fabrics in order to offer HETTI. customers an even larger selection.

Personally, I would like to spend more conscious time with my partner, who also has his own business. On weekends we often catch ourselves sitting next to each other on the couch while we work – that's enough! The weekends when I'm not in the shop on Saturdays are for relaxation and nice activities. We love trying new restaurants and have a long list of treats to try beyond Neukölln's borders. Speaking of limits: Ever since I HETTI. founded and put a lot of time and resources into my label, I haven't made any long-distance trips anymore. Especially in the cold season, I'm plagued by wanderlust - this year I'm dreaming of a trip to South Africa, India or Nepal.

natural fabrics for high quality handmade sofa cushions from HETTI.Faraway destinations, HETTI visions. 2018

Whatever you have planned for 2018 - I wish you a lot of energy, joy and success in implementing these goals!

January 17, 2018 — Larissa Reuter