The temperatures are finally rising, the sun is making an appearance again and maybe you already feel the need to organize a spring cleaning at home, to work, to redesign and to provide a breath of fresh air.


What other shoes are for me are home accessories and pillows in particular - I can't get enough of them! So, just in time for the beginning of spring, I not only start scrubbing the dirt off the windows, but also change the sofa decoration. The nice thing is that I don't have to commit myself at all, but can regularly implement your individual wishes for the perfect couch cushion: You can choose from the numerous linen, silk, wool and cotton fabrics that I work with and you can choose the color and material combinations that fit into your interior. Of course I'm happy to advise!

HETTI. - handmade sofa cushions made of high quality natural fabrics High-quality sofa cushions from HETTI. - designed and handmade in Berlin


For those who want to be inspired first, I have put together a small selection of my recommendations for spring, because after all we all only have a limited number of sofas and at some point we have to make a decision:

1. Looking forward to the fruits of summer with GRETE

Cushion GRETE immediately brings freshness into the living room - the mix of beige-brown and apricot-colored silk awakens anticipation of fruit harvest and the first warm evenings that we enjoy outdoors. The light green zip adds another splash of color and comforts the moody April weather.

GRETE - High-quality silk cushion for your sofa, handmade in Berlin HETTI. - Sofa cushion Grete made of 100% silk, handmade in Berlin

2. Sun Moments with LEE

The LEE cushion combines robust sand-colored linen with golden-yellow silk - you don't have to decide which fabric you want to show off today, the design combines the two materials in a wonderful symbiosis and arouses anticipation of long, warm hours of sunshine.

HETTI. Silk and linen sofa cushions, in bright colors, handmade from natural materials LEE sofa cushions from HETTI. made of silk and linen, in soft yellow, rosé and beige

3. ROY takes us into nature

Everything sprout in spring and we celebrate this pleasure in lush green with the ROY cushion. The combination of sand-colored linen and green and white patterned silk tweed optically takes us on our first walk in the forest and voyages of discovery in the blooming city park.

Pillow ROY on the sofa - handmade pillow made of silk and linen, by HETTI. Sofa cushion ROY made of green silk and beige linen - hand-sewn in Berlin

By the way - in the spring it is of course still chilly, especially in the evenings - you will find a suitable selection of warm woolen blankets here in the shop.

I wish you a nice sunny spring. 🌷

April 04, 2019 — Kristina Hellhake