Especially now, in spring, we are in the mood for change at home. It doesn't always have to be a new piece of furniture - accessories such as cushions also bring a breath of fresh air into the interior. And sometimes it's enough to simply rearrange them on the sofa!

HETTI. Designer Larissa Reuter reveals small but effective styling tricks for all different types of decoration and how you can arrange your cushions in the most beautiful way. The various cushion arrangements were lovingly illustrated by our loyal friend and talented graphic designer Vivian Kvitka, who created seven delicate watercolors for us. <3

HETTI. Tip 1 for sofa decoration: The minimalists, 2 pillows on your sofa


For all purists among furnishers, two cushions are enough to make them happy. Choose two pillows of the same size but different patterns, colors or materials, so wool and silk, for example, can harmonize wonderfully with each other. Then arrange the cushions asymmetrically or directly in front of each other on the seat. It looks tidy, but by no means too boring!
HETTI. Tip 2 for couch decoration: The maximum, lots of pillows for your living room
Do you think "more is more"? Great, because: Anything that makes you happy is allowed! All shapes and sizes can be combined with each other, depending on the size of the sofa you can use any number of decorative cushions. Then don't line them up too neatly! Ideally, however, you stay in one color family and mix a maximum of 3 colors with each other and otherwise use different nuances of these colors. In this way, even a creative chaos remains beautifully coherent.
HETTI. Tip 3 for a comfortable sofa: the neat one, arrangement of four sofa cushions
Structure and order are important to you? This ensures optical calm: As with knitting, the formula is: "Two left two right" and says quite simply - layer two pillows together on each side of the sofa. It looks best when you put a smaller and a larger pillow next to each other. More cozy symmetry is not possible.
HETTI. Tip 4 for cushions on your couch: The accent setter, sofa cushions and blanket
Especially if your sofa is already an eye-catcher and is made of the trend fabric velvet, or has a particularly trendy color, a single large cushion with two different colored sides or materials can be very effective. Positioned in a corner of the couch, it sets a highlight. Instead of adding another pillow, it is better to combine a nice blanket and turn the two-sided pillow as you wish - this is another way to regularly provide variety.
HETTI. Tip 5 floor cushions: The functional one, a large floor cushion
Perhaps your living room is quite small and you do without the sofa? No problem, a large floor cushion is the best alternative to the couch - you can also snuggle up and even take it outside if you like! Choose a robust fabric such as linen or hemp fiber , this makes the pillow durable and easy to care for.
HETTI. Tip 6 for pillows on your bed, the cozy one, pillows in the bedroom
The bed is the center of your life and a place where you not only sleep, but also eat, read and watch films? Wonderful! We recommend a classic layering that can also serve as a back cushion and armrest: Two large rectangular cushions at the back, two smaller ones in front of them and a very small one at the end. Just lean on and dream!
Have fun redecorating!
May 05, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake