HETTI. is more than just a label for home accessories and textiles: we want to enrich your home with every single design and also tell a little story with our decorative cushions . That's why all our products, from the pillowcases, to the sofa cushions, hot water bottles and even the bed linen, have different names. And some of these are a bit unusual - the names FRIEDL , OTILIJA or ROY - are rarely encountered in everyday life . In our new magazine series we would like to introduce you to the special women and men behind the names of our pillows.

Famous namesakes & our inspiration

For every HETTI. Creation is inspired by a more or less well-known spirit. For example, it can be a famous artist that we want to quote and pay homage to with our design. For example, in the case of the picnic blanket PABLO , which, as an outdoor blanket with a wide range of uses, is reminiscent of the nature-loving and extremely versatile painter Pablo Picasso. The LEE cushion, in turn, is a loving homage to the American photographer Lee Miller, who tirelessly documented the social events of the 20th century with her works and is thus immortalized as one of the most important witnesses of her time.

Choice of colors and materials as an artist portrait

We also refer to the work of our great muses on the color level and in the selection of the fabrics for our cushion covers. In the case of the DAVID cushion, for example, the composition of a soft mixture of cotton and new wool in light gray and petrol blue results in a design that is as harmonious as it is rich in contrast, which takes into account the melancholic and yet very expressive pictures of the artist Caspar David Friedrich.

Love is in the details

In order to tell you more about the background and inspiration for our cushions, you will gradually find a little story about the name of the respective decorative cushion or home accessory in the descriptions of our products. We want to give you a deeper insight into the design process and share the anecdotes behind our sofa cushions!

April 21, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake