In our HETTI. Homestory we would like to introduce you to some of the inspiring people who made our HETTI. Home accessories were allowed to move in. Today Tanja (@taniofficial) tells us what role the hot water bottle CONNY plays on a perfect day at home, what is important to her when it comes to home textiles and interior design and how the birth of her son changed her taste and style.


Who are you and what are you doing?

I'm Tanja, 34 years old and have been living in Berlin as an exile from the Rhineland for around ten years. I love good coffee, rosehip oil, the smell of roses, leather and a printed newspaper, my old gazelle, antique furniture, cashmere, the sound of the sea, Riesling and Valais raclette cheese. Professionally, you can usually find me in the Berlin PR agency BOLD on Torstraße, where I am responsible as PR director for various lifestyle brands. However, I am currently on parental leave because I became the mother of a little son almost nine months ago.


What are your three favorite interior items in your home?

Mhhmm... that's not that easy. I have many beautiful things that have grown dear to me. I love our antique chest of drawers that we had refurbished, our 2x2.2 meter!! big bed, our cactus, but I would never want to give away one of my design and photo books.


Which color do you like best in the field of home textiles and why?

I would describe my style as minimalist. Accordingly, the color selection in our apartment is also rather simple and reserved. In addition to the obligatory gray woolen blanket, you can also find muted blue and rose-colored tones in our bedroom, for example with pillows or large-scale pictures that I painted myself during pregnancy. I especially like shades of blue that look fresh without being too cool. They have a relaxing effect on me and just put me in a good mood. But I also like it green, especially in the living room.


Speaking of relaxation and well-being at home: What does your perfect day look like?

For me, a perfect day is a mix of time with my family, friends and sport: I prefer to spend the morning with coffee or tea (on cool days also with a hot water bottle and our little son in bed and let myself drift into the day. Then a hearty breakfast, a walk with coffee and fresh waffles, a round of yoga with my absolute favorite teacher Steph Jaksch and let the evening end relaxed while cooking with our friends and a good wine...

Hot water bottle CONNY from HETTI. in the arms of @taniofficial High quality design hot water bottle in rose and beige, HETTI. handmade in Berlin Lovingly packaged hot-water bottle cover from HETTI.


You became a mom last year - how has that changed your demands on the design and quality of textiles and home accessories (which your baby also comes into contact with)?

To be honest, I still like the same things, but I've become a little more relaxed when it comes to clothing and rely on high-quality basics: good jeans or culottes, a comfortable cotton shirt - also from my husband's closet - a good cashmere sweater, a high-quality bag , a nice coat and now more sneakers than leather boots make the ideal outfit for me. Good quality was important to me before, but now I pay more attention to natural and ecologically sustainable materials, especially when it comes to baby things and home accessories - from pillowcases and blankets to baby tights and children's toys. Not only is it important what my little one wears and what he comes into contact with, he slowly starts to crawl and puts almost everything in his mouth.


How important is sustainability to you?

In recent years, the topic of sustainability has definitely gained in importance for me. I used to be much more guided by trends, today (also thanks to Marie Kondo*!!) I live more according to the motto "less is more". I like things to be more reduced both in the wardrobe and in the apartment, I buy less and more carefully than I used to, and I also like to spend more money to support local designers. Since the pregnancy, I have changed my consumption behavior in terms of care and beauty. I'm much more concerned with what's actually in the products we use every day and how they're made. I think it's hard to be 100 percent perfect when it comes to sustainability, but you can take a step in the right direction with small things. It starts with the daily coffee out of the house. As a mum on parental leave, I currently prefer to drink it directly in the café. But in case I have to stay outside the door again with a stroller, I got myself a ToGo thermal mug.   

* Author of the book "Magic Cleaning" in which she shares tips for a tidy home as the key to a happy life.

April 07, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake