At HETTI. we manufacture every single product by hand in our Neukölln studio and put a lot of love and care into the selection of suitable and high-quality materials. Because not only the look decides whether we like a product and take it home with us, the feel is at least as important for all objects that we have close to us and our loved ones. Reason enough to present our favorites to you in more detail and to make your choice easier.

We start with a particularly cuddly material that sweetens the beginning of autumn for us: we use wool or new wool in the manufacture of our pillows , hot-water bottles and of course the classic blankets . There is something for everyone, from fluffy and soft - especially nice for the little ones - to a little firmer wool.


What we particularly like about wool is that it is a natural and renewable raw material that is primarily obtained from sheep and goats in a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

The animals are shorn or combed out by hand. The wool is then first washed and then brushed to bring the fibers in one direction. In this way, the threads and yarns can be spun better, from which the supple, versatile textiles for our products are ultimately woven, fulled or knitted.

Shearing a sheep for wool I HETTI. Loom for the production of wool

In contrast to the newer textile cotton and synthetic fibers, wool remains the undefeated winner in terms of its original properties. The super soft and yet robust fibers of animal hair result in durable fabrics with natural thermoregulation properties. But what does that mean exactly?

The fibers of the wool are very crimped, which means that woolen goods can consist of up to 85% air in relation to their total volume. These air pockets are responsible for ensuring that heat is excellently insulated, making our products cuddly companions throughout the cold season.

Wool can also absorb large amounts of water vapor. Up to 33% of its dry weight without feeling damp. The moisture is then controlled and quickly transported away. The natural fiber also impresses with the fact that it repels dirt and odors, also scores with its antistatic properties and remains largely wrinkle-free thanks to its elasticity.

For the wool of our HETTI. Products we trust in the quality of our primarily Italian trading partners - such as manufacturers from Prato. Among other things, we obtain the super soft and slightly silky shiny wool of our VIVIAN cushion from a small Italian family business in Prato. After comparing many manufactories, we chose the dealers in the region around Florence, because they offer exactly the combination of quality and choice of colors and fabrics that meets our standards and our HETTI. philosophy fits.

In addition to our own pillows, whose wool is primarily obtained from the shearing of adult sheep, many of our blankets, such as UNA , are made from wonderfully soft lambswool. The particularly fine fibers of lambswool are a little less robust than the wool of adult sheep, but are still more cuddly and particularly flattering on the skin as a blanket.

The new wool fabrics have just arrived for the cold season – the little new HETTI. The winter collection is being created these days and will have a fine cashmere component. Cashmere, as one of the most valuable and expensive natural fibers, is one of the noble wools. It is combed out of the particularly fine and wonderfully supple undercoat of the cashmere goat. Let yourself be surprised by our beautiful new home accessories in spinach green and camel yellow!

Virgin wool yarn I HETTI.Collage of fabrics from the new HETTI winter collection 2017.

Until then you can choose HETTI from our large selection. Wool home accessories keep an eye out for your favorite piece this fall:

Sofa cushion LORENZ made of wool and silk by HETTI. Lambswool blanket from Roros Tweed at HETTI. Hot water bottle cover JULZE made of new wool I HETTI. Pillow JAKOB made of petrol green and beige new wool I HETTI.

We wish you a lot of fun browsing and a nice cozy time.


November 03, 2017 — Kristina Hellhake