A look back at warmer days - the summer party at HETTI was so nice. & friend !

Since this week at the latest, there is no longer any denying that autumn is here. And while the leaves are turning yellow and are already falling from the trees here and there, we secretly look forward to snuggling up in pillows and blankets . Because autumn is naturally made for home accessories from HETTI. and our declared favorite season! Nevertheless, we said goodbye to summer with a small party at the beginning of September:

At our invitation, friends and customers came all day to drink rosé together and design in the HETTI. & Freundts Store together. The whole day was themed “Design your own pouch”. The idea: The beautiful materials such as cotton, linen and silk that are left over from our pillow production are far too valuable to throw away. So what should you make from the individual small scraps of fabric? "Zipper pouches" are the solution, small bags that you can use as a cosmetic bag, as a clutch or to store pens, depending on your preference. In other words, everything that you would like to pack in a chic yet practical way and always carry with you. "Upcycling", i.e. the reuse of materials, has rarely been so beautiful!

HETTI. Summer party cushions and bagsHETTI. Summer party guests

Our customers thought so too, and so 43 pouches were made during the summer party – each under very personal guidance, because each customer put the fabrics together themselves. But even those who didn't want to make a pouch found the right part for a nicer home among the selected home accessories in our store, because the end of summer is always the beginning of a cozy autumn - and we are well prepared for that.

HETTI. Summer party Design your own pouch

We would like to thank everyone who was there and wish you a nice start of autumn!

October 01, 2017 — Kristina Hellhake